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Volunteer & donate

Volunteer your time, space and donate your haul to help create food security in Revelstoke and manage bear attractants.


Donate excess fruit to your community

You’ve done the hardest part, nice work! The fun part is sharing it with others. Here are some options:

The Neighbourhood Kitchen

Community Connection’s Neighbourhood Kitchen accepts fruit as well as non-edible fruit for donation to local pig farmers.

1-250-837-2920. Call ahead to arrange drop-off.

Revelstoke Food Bank

Community Connection’s Food Bank accepts local fruit donations. Organize a drop-off ahead of time.


Join our amazing team of volunteer pickers & coordinators.

We’re working to reduce food waste in Revelstoke & manage bear attractants by organizing fruit tree gleans. Become a picking volunteer and help make a difference.

Why it matters

Ripe & fallen fruit is a huge bear attractant in Revelstoke.
Through gleaning and picking our local fruit trees, we can help keep our bears wild and our community safe. Learn more about bear awareness and managing bear attractants at

Food security is an important focus.
With the cost of living on the rise and access to affordable food decreasing, food security is a very real issue. Sharing fresh, local produce is a great way to keep our community healthy whilst creating social connections. Learn more at


Find food to pick

Discover Revelstoke’s backyard bounty. Pick your own fruit, harvest vegetables or find a garden share to grow your own.


Share the bounty

Do you have fruit trees that need picking or vegetables to harvest that you’d like to share with your community?

Fruit Share


Get invovled

Find food to pick

Share your bounty

Volunteer & donate

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