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How it works

How it works

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How it works

So, how does the harvest work?

Revelstoke Fruit Share lets fruit tree owners connect with interested fruit pickers so that surplus fruit can be harvested, shared and enjoyed.

Fruit tree owners list their fruit and fruit pickers select which fruit they’d like to pick. Pick details are made between fruit owners and fruit pickers through email. On the agreed upon date and time, the fruit gets picked and shared between fruit owners, volunteer pickers and community groups that accept local fruit.

Fruit tree owners can also work directly with The Gleaning Project team to request a full tree glean.

You can learn more about what steps pickers, tree owners, and volunteers take.

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1. Choose your fruit

Using the tree map or listings, pickers can browse all the fruits available to pick.

2. Organize the pick

Fruit pickers contact fruit owners via email to finalize & confirm pick details.

3. Etiquette

Get to know the picking etiquette & safety considerations in the FAQs.

4. Harvest the fruit

Take what you need, share with the owner & donate surplus fruit to the community.


How it works:
Picking fruit

Picking fruit in Revelstoke benefits so many. You get a great haul of fresh fruit to take home whilst helping to prevent food waste and manage bear attractants.

How it works

How it works:
Tree owners

Sharing your fruit is a great thing to do. Not only do you benefit the community but you’re helping to manage bear attractants and keep your home safe.

How it works

1. List your fruit tree

Register an account & list your fruit trees, vegetables or garden space.

2. Organize the pick

Pickers will email you requesting to harvest fruit, you agree the details.

3. Pickers harvest the fruit

Get to know the safety considerations & harvest etiquette in the FAQs.

4. Enjoy your share

Once fruit is harvested, enjoy your share & donate any surplus to the community.

Sharing your garden to grow

Have you got space in your garden or yard that you’d like to share? You can register your yard space and list it for sharing.

It works exactly like listing your tree or vegetables. An interested grower can email you about the share, and then it’s up to you to accept and organize the details.

1. Register interest

If you’d like to volunteer with the Gleaning Project team, reach out & learn more here.

2. Organized picks

Our pickers organize group picks & full-tree gleans with local tree owners.

3. Donating fruit

Picked fruit & produce can be donated to the Community Kitchen & Food bank here.

4. Partner with us

Looking to become a community partner & accept fruit? Get in touch here.


How it works:
Volunteering & donating

Volunteers make a huge difference and we are so grateful to all their hard work. You’re helping to improve food security in Revelstoke whilst managing bear attractants to help keep our bears wild.

How it works

Read the FAQs

If you’d like to find out more, visit out FAQs for fruit pickers and tree owners.


Visit the fruit map

Prefer your plums in close proximity? Take a look at our handy map and discover a share near to you.

How it works

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How it works

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How it works

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How it works

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How it works